Writer| Mechanical Engineer| Content Creator at Colourful in Grey| Writing expresses my inner embedded code. It is a portrait of words spun with ink.

The abyss of consumerism throttles individuals at the top of their fashion game to fall prey to fast fashion. Thus, indirectly contributing towards exhausting resources and production of synthetic alternatives which wound our environment. Now, in an attempt to undo the harm, the fashion world is turning wheels towards recycling…

Solo Una Pluma #1

Image Source ~ Unsplash

Countless roads and ceaseless boundaries lead to an alley;

Evading demons that lurk deep within;

Scathing the measly bit of light in the corner.

A lone kid huddled up, hungry for love.


Words cut sharper than shards.

All those regrets, words unsaid, tears unshed, scars left to hurt.

The murky heart satiates their hunger, spiritual prowess fueled by feelings bottled up.

The only truths that exist are his voiceless stutters and endless sobs, his only salvation.

Kasturi Goswami

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