A single red rose was placed on top of his napkin; a small blue note tied to it with a white satin ribbon.

A pink envelope balanced perfectly atop his PC, a bunch of yellow and blue tulips in a hand-painted vase by the table clock, and a brand new leather bag. This was the scene that welcomed Parikshit home. He couldn’t help but smile. They have known each other for 25 years. But she never ceased to surprise him. Placed inside the envelope was a small note that read in simple words.

Happy Birthday, Parik. I wish you success for all your present and upcoming endeavours. May you find happiness in the simplest of things and mature well like wine. Freshen up and come down for dinner. A cute surprise awaits your arrival. Love, Diksha.

Diksha had been busy the whole day. She left work early to get her preparations going. Parikshit was unaware of the gift she had planned. She knew for a fact it would make him exuberant. The dining table had a lavish birthday meal spread. She had placed a birthday card on the table.

Hey! I hope you aren’t famished. Let’s play a small game.


The rules are simple. You solve the clues and find your gift. The first clue is the note tied to your red rose. P.S. If you are hungry, better get started as soon as possible. GOOD LUCK.

A single red rose was placed on top of his napkin; a small blue note tied to it with a white satin ribbon. It amazed him. Diksha had put in loads of effort to make his day special. He smiled and opened up the note.

Clue 1: We found solace in each other. The memories are forever etched to preserve them; untouched and untainted.

Parikshit and Diksha were both orphans brought up at Saint Vincent Orphanage. People preserve memories in the form of pictures and videos. He walked over to the cabinet by the TV in the living room. There, amongst the stack of photo albums marked, was Saint Vincent Memories. He pulled it out. Another single red rose; a blue note tied to it with a white satin ribbon.

Clue 2: “And strangers fall in love, all the time All lovers were strangers, once Just like us, a little unsure of their way.” We jammed to this. Maybe it was time we did it again.

A perfect first meeting between strangers. It brought back memories of the time when they realized that they shared feelings beyond friendship. They had spent their lives together from then on.

“Alexa, play the song Blue Stranger by Paul Kelly.”

“Playing the song Blue Stranger by Paul Kelly.

Hello blue stranger

Sitting there all alone

With your glass of sorrow, you seem so far from home

Maybe you will let me buy a round or two

I’m a blue stranger too.”

The coffee table where Alexa was, had the third red rose.

Clue 3: She gave us everything; she gave us love; she gave us time; she gave us her soul. Our loved ones are always a little grasp away.

Back when they were young, at the orphanage, the headmistress Sister Lucy was their acting mother.

It confused Parikshit. There were no more clues, and he had not yet completed the treasure hunt. Something was missing. Agitated and hungry, he went back to the dining room. There lying on top of his napkin was the fourth red rose.

Clue 4: There can be no words to describe the euphoria that surges through when they conquer us as their prizes. They demand our attention and love. These small things take up the most room in our hearts.

Hope my efforts to take you on a ride down memory lane were successful. Now, come find your gift; only if you can link all the clues together.

Babies. As Charles Dickens had said, “I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us” Their innermost desire to become parents boiled up to the surface. They had opted for adoption as they knew the feeling of being left alone in this world. The paperwork was underway and the progress slow. As a token of appreciation, they were sponsoring many kids from the orphanage.

Suddenly, it struck. Parikshit ran to the nursery. Breathlessly, he opened the door. There rocking on the chair sat Diksha, cradling the perfect miracle he had ever witnessed. Diksha smiled and handed him their first child; their baby.

“So this means you completed your treasure hunt. Congratulations Papa!”

“Thank you, Diksha. This is the most precious gift I have ever received in my entire life. I love you.”

The note left on the ground, the last line of the fourth clue read:

She called. It’s official. We have our rendition of a song; it’s our cute captor i.e. Sister Lucy called. It’s official. We have our rendition of a blue stranger; it’s our baby.

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