Bridging Gaps Through Music; What Better Excuse To Celebrate International Country Music Day!

Kasturi Goswami
2 min readSep 17, 2022

The infectious melody, the guitar, and the strong vocals are mere words to infuse passion into country music melophiles. The genre of Country Music (aka Country and Western Music) originated during the 1920s in the Southern U.S. Initially known as hillbilly music, country music has its roots in genres such as blues, ballads, and old-time music, including American folk and cowboy western music styles.

An American Original Art Form, But Adored World-Wide

Ken Burns in his eight-part 16-hour series, Country Music-A Film by Ken Burns, states - “Country Music is about human emotions. We are always looking for those topics that are going to tell us a lot about who we are; not just about the era we cover, but who we are now. It is phenomenally great music about people who felt their stories are worth being told.”

The Base

There are several sub-genres of Country Music, but what hits the commonality is the prose. The songs engage sentiments through words beaded together with melody. Country Music has always outreached its purpose with service. There is always something for everyone. Powerful characters depict power stories, unforgettable everyday truths of hardships and joys shared by people. Country Music has changed over time with diverse and fascinating contributors and creators, their stories, and souls. However, what has actually remained intact is its essence.

International Country Music Day

17th of September is the official fun day to celebrate International Country Music Day, just in case every day is not enough for all the music lovers out there. There are many fabulous country artists as there are listeners. Country Music clubs together a tight-knit group of loyal followers. Rolling Stones makes it easier for virgin listeners of this genre by providing an exquisite list of the 100 greatest country artists of all time. So go take a peek and enjoy the day. Happy grooving!



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