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Writer| Mechanical Engineer| Content Creator at Colourful in Grey| Writing expresses my inner embedded code. It is a portrait of words spun with ink.

The abyss of consumerism throttles individuals at the top of their fashion game to fall prey to fast fashion. Thus, indirectly contributing towards exhausting resources and production of synthetic alternatives which wound our environment. Now, in an attempt to undo the harm, the fashion world is turning wheels towards recycling, eco-friendly and sustainable products and brands. In this gradual process, Hemp fibre is becoming one of the prominent prospects, painting a green path allowing some relief to Mother Earth.

Unifi Inc. (a global textile solution provider) has released its 4th annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability award’s list, in March this year. They have successfully recognised 93 of their brand, textile and retail partner companies for their efforts to incorporate the recycled fibre into their products. According to the Inc., the increase in the number of winners indicate a gradual but progressive commitment to sustainability. The award is an effort towards recognising companies that have achieved plastic recycling milestones through opting for recycled yarns and encourage their peers to adopt sustainable production and consumption goals. …

Entrepreneurship is widely recognised as the primary driver of global economic and social development. Enterprise, entrepreneurship and employability co-exist together blended to create the core of holistic education. Over the years policymakers, academics and economists have urged the inculcation of entrepreneurial spirit amongst college graduates to add to their value.

The Quality Assurance Agency defines enterprise education as the generation and application of ideas for practical solutions, while entrepreneurship education is the use of enterprise behaviours, attributes and competencies to create social, cultural or economic value. However, both forums suffer at the forefront due to the vagueness of definition and…

In a world with an ever-increasing population, needs and thus perilous environmental pollution, people around the globe are making small yet significant shifts towards a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle. This gradual shift is an aid towards the development of a green and eco-friendly means for decrement of pollution. Thus, companies and organizations are coming forth with innovative tech and means to an eco-friendly yet indulgent lifestyle, including fashion.

The apparel industry is accused of wastage of clean water, emission of greenhouse gases and creation of environmental filth. A company named, DGrade, had come up with an ultimate form of retrospection and…

The humanoid, Sophia, has co-created an NFT (Non- Fungible Token) artwork, Sophia Instantiation, sold at a whopping approx of $700K at an auction in Hong Kong. The winning bidder, 888, a mysterious digital artist, received a 12-second MP4 file exhibiting the work’s evolution process and a physical “self-portrait” of the robot. Earlier a graphic designer, Beeple, had sold a digital image valued at $69.3 million, the third most expensive sale ever of a living artist.


The painting was created through the amalgamation of efforts of Andrea Bonaceto, Sophia and 888. Andrea is a partner at blockchain investment firm Eterna Capital…

On the day of 1998 when the Oscar-winning film Trevor TV premiere aired on HBO, the filmmakers, Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone and James Celeste Lecesne, launched the world’s first national crisis intervention and suicide prevention lifeline for LGBTQ+ youth in the U.S.

Set in 1981, Trevor follows the story of the namesake protagonist, a 13-year-old boy, unsure of his sexual orientation. Trevor is a huge Diana Ross fan and has a crush on one of his guy schoolmates. This sends him spinning, questioning his sexuality and identity. As his crush gets discovered, his family and friends shun him. …

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.

~Henry Havelock Ellis (2nd February 1859–8th July 1939)

Human Sexuality is a subject that is tightly wound up with hushed whispers and deadly silence, often resorting to hunting us back with physical or verbal violence. India is still ways behind when it comes to accepting sexuality and the implications of proper sex education at the school level.

Sexuality refers to the sexual interests of an individual, the way he or she experiences and expresses themselves. It is one…

The U.S. celebrates February as Black History Month and one of the prominent prospects of African-American history, i.e. Jazz Poetry; poetry that mirrors jazz-like rhythm or feels of improvisation, i.e. the jazz milieu. Initially conceived in the 1920s as a voice of acceptance, racial pride and expression of individualism, the 1950s oversaw the focus shift towards spontaneity, freedom of expression, while in the 1960s the idea of jazz poetry as a source of black pride was further propagated.

Langston Hughes, a hero of the black race in every sense, is the original jazz poet; a literary prodigy and one of…

Solo Una Pluma #1

Image Source ~ Unsplash

Countless roads and ceaseless boundaries lead to an alley;

Evading demons that lurk deep within;

Scathing the measly bit of light in the corner.

A lone kid huddled up, hungry for love.


Words cut sharper than shards.

All those regrets, words unsaid, tears unshed, scars left to hurt.

The murky heart satiates their hunger, spiritual prowess fueled by feelings bottled up.

The only truths that exist are his voiceless stutters and endless sobs, his only salvation.

A pink envelope balanced perfectly atop his PC, a bunch of yellow and blue tulips in a hand-painted vase by the table clock, and a brand new leather bag. This was the scene that welcomed Parikshit home. He couldn’t help but smile. They have known each other for 25 years. But she never ceased to surprise him. Placed inside the envelope was a small note that read in simple words.

Happy Birthday, Parik. I wish you success for all your present and upcoming endeavours. May you find happiness in the simplest of things and mature well like wine. Freshen up…

Kasturi Goswami

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